Tales of the Golden Key Concierge: The Go-To Person

I’ve been a hotel concierge for some time now, and any concierge worth their salt will tell you that we get asked to do some pretty outrageous, over-the-top, and challenging stuff a lot of times. I’ve read of guests asking to purchase albino peacocks.

I have been given the opportunity to search for a WWII veteran that served his country with his last known location was here in the Philippines. The challenge was as hard as they come but we did find information and handed it over to the family member and heartwarming tears started to flow from her eyes.

Search the internet for concierge stories, and you’ll find them there. Tons. It’s all part of our job. As long as its legal, moral, and ethical we will do our very best to deliver.

So, it’s really no surprise that some guests think that concierges are wizards who can snap their fingers and conjure up several hundred electronic devices as well as four helicopters in less than 24 hours from thin air. Well, it turns out that in my hotel, my team can.

I was approached by a guest one morning asking for our best “go-to person” to which I replied with a smile, “You mean everyone in our team, sir.” He must have liked my answer because a few minutes later, he was back, rattling off his requirements: 300 electronic devices of very specific brands, colors, and specs; 50 kitchen appliances; and four helicopters that were to land in 45-minute intervals of each other. All were needed the following day.

So we did what any other hotel concierge team would do — get to work immediately. We called up friends and business contacts, checked out Facebook and Instagram, and sent out an SOS to everyone we could think of. Our eight-hour work shift that day extended into the wee hours of the night, 20 hours later we were still at it. But we weren’t tired, we were on fire!

The next morning, with the devices and appliances delivered and helicopters landing on time, the very happy and teary-eyed guest rushed up to the Concierge Desk and gave me a tight hug. “Your team is amazing. Absolutely amazing!!! You have accomplished something I never thought was possible!”

My team and I agreed that we live and work for moments like this, and this story inspired us then and continues to inspire us to this day to rise up to the challenges of a concierge’s life. As a Les Clefs d’Or member — literally, “keys of gold” — a professional organization for the top hotel concierges around the world, it’s not the awards that motivate us, it’s the satisfaction that comes from doing our job well, the camaraderie, and the acknowledgment and gratitude shown by our guests that is our ultimate reward. There is no better feeling in the world than making someone smile and making a difference in their life.

Just another day in… 😊



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