Tales of the Golden Key Concierge: Creating Special Moments

Often times, the Concierge becomes the “information desk” in any establishment may it be at the mall, a condominium or most prominently in a hotel. The esteemed gentlemen and ladies behind this desk can be approached about anything and everything under the sun. Having a Les Clefs D’Or member in a hotel Concierge makes it a little extra — like icing on top of a cake. Never have I imagined to be part of this sweet icing.

I have been in the hospitality industry for a decade now and have experienced different areas in various properties. I was part of the kitchen’s pastry team, became a front desk agent, assigned as a guest service officer and finally landed the Concierge spot. The Concierge is where I spent most of my working years and where I can say my heart belongs to. I am blessed to be part of a vibrant team who continuously help me grow personally and professionally. The exposure to guests from different walks of life is just as priceless.

With Concierge, every day is a new day with challenging tasks and unique requests from guests. From giving simple directions to arranging a fancy dinner or getting the hottest concert tickets, you’ll never know what you’ll get in a day. Being part of a world-class integrated resort and casino, booking helicopters and yachts at the last minute are also just part of a normal day. Unfortunately, during the pandemic, a lot has changed. Some of our trusted outsourced providers have closed shop and we had to improvise on whatever is available to cater to guest’s needs.

I remember specifically when we had a young family who had checked-in with us to celebrate Mother’s Day recently. Husband was flying out the next day for a business meeting and wanted to surprise his wife before he leaves. He approached the concierge to request for something special the night before and if everything can be set-up early the next morning. A regular person might have said no to this short notice request but I’m a concierge and “not possible” is simply not in my vocabulary. We knew that our signature restaurants will not be open that early so we decided to arrange something special and intimate as an alternative. We reserved a private cabana by the pool and adorned it with exquisite flowers care of our florist. A special breakfast menu was created just for the two. It was early in the morning and the surprise was all set for our wonderful guests. Using our knowledge and resources, we got to know their favorite song to play as background music. We even had their wedding video played on a screen. The chefs prepared the most sumptuous breakfast for the couple. The wife was overwhelmed with emotions and the husband was extremely grateful for our little surprise. Something to remind them of that day, we prepared a personalized package compliments of the Concierge. Needless to say that the family was very impressed with our service and all the preparation in just a short amount of time.

As you see, we are made for these special moments and we make sure to exceed expectations. With the power of teamwork, good connections and thinking out of the box, we make the impossible, well, possible. Creating memories for our beloved guests are important especially during these trying times. But building long lasting relationships with them is something more. It is always a pleasure to hear that they can’t wait to come back again because that is when you know you did something right and we were able to touch lives in our own simple way. That makes our Concierge life, sweet!



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